What Our Clients Say

"Diane is THE BEST!! First, Diane came to the phone when I called her office. Her talking with me on my initial call and understanding my fears made me less apprehensive. She led me down new paths and kept the rocks off the road in front of me."

"I trusted my life, my family to Diane Freed. She'll battle to the end of the Earth, if it's the right thing to do!"

"When it was all a blur, Diane guided me through the ugliness and helped me to find my solid ground again."

"Simply put, Diane and Jonnye took over my case on a modification of maintenance situation and came to a resolution so wonderfully beyond what I thought even possible."

"As a father who was just trying to get a fair shake from the "system," they steered me through what I considered a tough set of circumstances. They were considerate, treated me as a person, dealt with the circumstances with competence, grace and firmness to achieve the end result."

"Certainly, there are many others who could have represented me, but I am convinced Freed and Company reached a conclusion far beyond what the other options could have attained."

"I will never find the words sufficient to thank them for uprighting my life, the reconnection with my kids, my financial well-being and my peace of mind."

"I have had the need to request services from Ms. Freed on two different
occasions. She laid out all of the options. I appreciated her honesty and her
willingness to even take on the case when she did."

"I have known Diane Freed for over 12 years. She is very sensitive to her clients' needs. She is always caring, courteous, calm, organized and not pushy. She is a fine person with
the highest of moral and ethical standards."

"While navigating my divorce, Diane was always honest with me about the facts and laws governing divorce. She would take me through the circumstances of my divorce step by step. She always made sure I knew the possibilities of what to expect and that I clearly understood how parenting time, child custody, child support and property division worked."

"I always felt well informed by Diane and empowered to make sensible decisions. Diane is all about helping people resolve what appear to them to be impossible problems, as quickly and economically as possible. I highly recommend Diane Freed to anyone who is in need of a family attorney."

"I'm glad she's my lawyer and not my ex's!!"

"I suffered through a very difficult and protracted divorce. My first attorney was only concerned with billable hours, as was my ex's attorney. By the time I found Diane, I had a very poorly written Parenting Plan, no court date and had spent nearly $300,000 in attorneys' fees...and that was in just over 12 months. The case was severely mismanaged and Diane was able to help me put things back together and get the divorce back on track. Her knowledge of complex financial matters was a tremendous asset to the case and I found her to be a person of the highest ethical standards and very easy to work with. Since my divorce, I have retained her to assist me in another matter regarding child support. I highly recommend her to anyone who is going through the unfortunate trauma of divorce."

"Quick response time to all my questions and concerns."

"I've known Ms. Freed for 14 years. She is a tremendous advocate for her clients, fighting for their justice. After 3 hearings, Diane has always been genuine, unpretentious, honorable, and unimpeachable. She can read financials with an intuitive 6th sense like no one else. She is without a doubt a 5 star/thumbs up the best in her field." Jean Williams