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"I was a tax attorney. When I got divorced, and saw how the process worked, I decided to become a family law attorney. It was one of the most important decisions I ever made." — Diane Freed

Diane S. Freed is also a leader in the collaborative law process, working with other Colorado attorneys to make this "kinder, gentler" approach to divorce more available to couples who are reconfiguring their family unit.

Our firm offers clients throughout the Denver metro area the legal counsel they need to make informed decisions regarding pressing family issues.

Helping You Make The Right Choices

Many people believe that divorce has to be financially and emotionally catastrophic. In fact, the way you go about divorce determines, in large part, how you come out of it.

The truth is the way in which you and your lawyer approach your divorce can greatly affect the costs you incur. In our practice, we take the time to explain the costs, risks and benefits of any action to help you make the best choices for your situation.

Because it is conducted in court, with attorneys charging by the hour, and expensive experts called in to testify, contested divorce is usually much more expensive than uncontested divorce.

In between these two extremes are alternative dispute resolution services such as mediation, collaborative law and early neutral evaluation. These approaches occur outside the courtroom and tend to be quicker, less expensive and more private than courtroom litigation. They also tend to be easier to endure, emotionally, both for you and your children.

Learn what to expect and how to prepare for the first consultation with us.

We Promise You This

  • As your lawyer, Diane S. Freed is committed to providing effective, affordable counsel.
  • When we represent you, we are always on your side.
  • Though we seek to settle cases, we do not compromise your interests or legal rights, ever.

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