Help With Child Support Issues In Colorado

Though both sides love their children, child support remains a difficult issue for most divorcing couples.

Colorado child support guidelines govern child support orders issued in our state. Although judges are allowed to deviate from the child support guidelines in certain circumstances, it does not happen often. The best way to prevail in establishing a fair support order is to ensure that you have all of the information needed and a superior grasp of the law. As your lawyer, it is our job to do that.

Child Support Is Important
Studies show that children who receive sufficient support do better in school and later in their careers.

How Is Child Support Calculated In Colorado?

The state of Colorado has implemented child support guidelines. These child support guidelines take into consideration items such as:

  • Gross income of each parent
  • The number of children
  • The number of overnights the children spend with each parent
  • If there are any other children not of this relationship living with either parent
  • If there is a child support obligation being paid for children other than the children of this family
  • The cost of work and/or school-related day care
  • The children's health insurance premiums
  • Other extraordinary expenses for the children

The philosophy behind Colorado's child support laws is that the child should be entitled to the same standard of living he or she would have had if the parents had stayed together. The payment of child support is not deductible for the paying parent and is not reportable income for the receiving parent.

What We Need From You

To calculate child support prior to divorce proceedings, we will need to collect financial information from you. When we meet for our initial consultation, you should bring the information we will need to calculate child support. This information, which includes pay stubs and/or tax returns for both parents, day care receipts and health insurance premiums for the children, will be critical in determining the proper level of support.

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Do You Need To Make Changes To Child Support?

As time passes, the calculations made in your original divorce decree may become less relevant. Incomes change, people change jobs, and children themselves get older and have different needs. For this reason, it is often necessary to petition the court for a modification in the decree to reflect more recent realities.

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