Family Law Focused On Your Unique Needs

Some divorce firms treat family law services as one big thing, done just one way. It's a mechanical approach to addressing family problems.

At Diane S. Freed, P.C. Attorney at Law, in Lakewood, Colorado, we believe no two families are the same, and that the entire array of family problems — not just divorce — requires artful examination. One size never fits all. Your needs for your family, and for the process itself, are specific to you. We work to meet those needs.

What does this mean?

  • It means having choices in the divorce process. We will help you determine the best approach to resolution, whether it be:
    • Unbundled services
    • Mediation
    • Collaboration
    • Arbitration
    • Litigation
  • It means bringing the same level of care and customization to other family issues such as the need to modify an existing divorce decree or creatively addressing parenting time challenges.
  • It means respect. We work with every kind of family, including common law, same sex and domestic partnerships.