Spousal Maintenance/Alimony/Spousal Support (CO)

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Colorado family court wants to ensure fairness and self sufficiency when it handles a case. When a child has been born, she or he deserves the emotional and financial support of both parents. When a marriage has ended, both partners deserve the chance to get back on their feet financially. For this reason, the courts provide child support and spousal maintenance.

Obtaining a Child or Spousal Support Order that is Fair

Child support is set by the court according to a mathematical formula. In some instances, spousal maintenance (formerly called alimony) is also set by a formula.

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How is Child Support Calculated in Colorado?

The State of Colorado has implemented Child Support Guidelines. These child support guidelines take into consideration items such as:

  • Gross income of each parent
  • The number of children
  • The number of overnights the children spend with each parent
  • If there are any other children not of this relationship living with either parent
  • If there is a child support obligation being paid for children other than the children of this family
  • The cost of work and/or school-related daycare
  • The children's health insurance premiums
  • Other extraordinary expenses for the children

The philosophy behind Colorado's child support laws is that the child should be entitled to the same standard of living he or she would have had if the parents had stayed together. Click here to see a Colorado child support calculator.

The payment of child support is not deductible for the paying parent and is not reportable income for the receiving parent.

Spousal Maintenance

The spouse paying support is generally allowed to deduct these payments from his or her income tax. The spouse receiving support must report it as income on his or her income tax returns.

Modifications of Support Orders

Occasionally, financial situations change and it makes sense to ask for a modification of a child support or spousal maintenance agreement. A court will look at the change in financial situation and decide if it merits a change in the support order.

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