Lakewood Prenuptial Agreement Lawyers

A marriage is really a contract, and contracts work best when they are explicit. Many couples seek the practical wisdom of sitting down and creating an agreement with a lawyer who answers the thorniest questions underlying marriage.

Questions Prenuptial Agreements Answer

  • What are each side's debts and assets?
  • Which assets will be owned exclusively by whom?
  • Who is responsible for debts incurred before the marriage?
  • Will assets of the new marriage belong to children from earlier marriages?
  • Who will pay for college for children from the earlier marriage?
  • Will some assets be kept separate from the marriage?
  • How will everyday money management work?
  • Who pays the bills?
  • Who does the taxes?

Constructive Arvada Marriage Agreement Attorneys

These are difficult questions, but most people see the advantage of negotiating them now, rather than later, should they contemplate divorce. They are especially important when families are coming together in a blended marriage, with children from previous marriages, and in cases where one partner has significantly more assets than the other.

Already Married? It's Not Too Late to Come to an Agreement.

In addition to prenups, there are postnuptial agreements, arrived at after the marriage begins. Postnups work the same way as prenups and are just as effective in creating clear understandings of marital rights and responsibilities. In Lakewood, Colorado, the number to call is Diane S. Freed's.

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