Lakewood Divorce Mediation

At Diane S. Freed, P.C., Attorneys at Law, it is not in our nature to back down from a fight.

"What can I say, I was raised in a family of lawyers." — Diane S. Freed

Having said that, there is a place for alternative dispute resolution techniques, and we are strong proponents of mediated divorce. We invite you to call about mediated divorce at 303-500-8865 .

Empathetic Arvada Divorce Agreement Lawyers

Mediation is a way to resolve disagreements outside the courtroom. This process involves a third party, the mediator, who works in a neutral, unbiased way to help parties reach their own agreements. The mediator doesn't offer advice, but does encourage a frank and open discussion of issues.

Time and again, mediation has proved useful in helping many couples work out thorny issues such as child custody, child support, spousal support, parental responsibilities and asset division.

Colorado Family Attorneys Do Alternative Dispute Resolution

Mediation saves time and money, plus it creates powerful buy-in, the feeling that both sides own the final agreement, which bodes well for future compliance.

Most importantly, perhaps, it allows you to move through contentious problems in a way that the two parties can still speak to one another afterward.

If you wish to discuss a mediated divorce, call the Lakewood divorce mediation attorneys at Diane S. Freed, P.C., today at 303-500-8865. Or write to us using this form.